When shopping around for prices, try to avoid special offers, fortunate timing or other fear of loss selling techniques.

The work involved in carrying out your order doesn't change from day to day and neither should the price.

Take your time and get it right.

Our prices for Plymouth, Devon:

10,000 Solus (GPS tracked) - £1,300+vat

10,000 Shared (GPS tracked) - £750+vat

Please contact us if you wish to discuss other areas.

Note:  Our Shared option is not always available for your preferred area and dates, whereas with a Solus delivery we can cover any and all preferred areas for you, and you choose when they go out.


Example 2 (Solus);

You have 5,000 leaflets.

You request all 5,000 leaflets to be delivered on their own and to Plympton only.

As this is a solus order, you will be able to choose which parts of Plympton to cover and which to miss out.

The price for this is £650+vat (we will pick up your leaflets for free and provide free gps tracking maps)

Example 1 (Shared);

You have 10,000 leaflets.

We will spread your leaflets to 10,000 homes all over Plymouth.

The price for this is £750+vat (we will pick up your leaflets for free and provide free gps tracking maps) 





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